Nadal sostenible de TZM
Nadal sostenible de TZM
Nadal sostenible de TZM

Changing the world is easy!
Are you too worried and discontent about the state of the world and where we are headed?
This site is intended to be a practical manual for us as individuals to change both where we live, and also the whole world. New content will be added regularly. Together and alone we create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 
The only way we can ensure something gets done is to do it ourselves. 

What's wrong?

Hard data to show that we need to change now.

How come?

Root causes of the problems we are seeing. 

Into what?

Objectives and examples of a better world for all. 

Let's do it!

Specific actions for individuals to really change the world.

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Nadal sostenible de TZM

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