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These are free digital content files. Movies, books, science articles, music, comics, etc.

Sharing is our duty, especially when it does not involve a loss for anyone, as is the case with digital content sharing. Economists have shown that the monopoly of property intellectual It only slows down progress because the inventor / creator earns a lot more value, being able to freely access it from others, than the one who loses by not charging because they use their creation. Since copying and sharing improves the lives of some, without losing anything to us, doing so is our duty.
Obviously, mammon (people and entities who seek material wealth first), be they people or companies (by definition they are mamons), try to convince us that we have to pay for everything and do everything possible to stop the digital abundance and progress of civilization it entails. Luckily, we are smart  and disobedient.

Remember that for them to work, we must contribute as well.
If you know someone who is not on the list, please let us know.

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