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An RCG is defined as a network of people who provide free trade goods and services (free) with volunteering and contributions. Because it is a radical concept, there are even some that are not 100% gift savings. This directory needs readers to suggest networks to add by contacting us.

RCGs are growing rapidly around the world, we are in the midst of transitioning to a shared world. This directory represents only a small fraction of which exist. If you can’t find an RCG near you or one that fits your needs or ideas, it’s very easy to create one yourself. It can be as simple as a group of mobile messages (with signal, telegram or whatsapp). Later we will write a guide on how to do it. You can always contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Document with a long list of RCGs

Gift economy wiki with many RCGs

French economy gift page with many RCGs

There are many types, here we categorize them by services they provide:

Resource banks
If you need an item for sporadic use for a few days or a weekend you can borrow it here.

Digital repositories
Digital content sharing.

Community workshops
Workshops that can be accessed by the public in which there are tools and machines that they can use to make or repair things.

Gift networks
Spaces, groups, or pages where people give or ask for free stuff.

Free food networks
Free food distribution or food sharing networks.

Community gardens
Free food production.

Land Banks
Persones que busquen terra per a alguna activitat troben persones que tenen terres inutilitzades.

Free Hosting Networks
Find a place to stay to sleep anywhere on the planet.

Free Transport Networks
On land, water or air, we help each other to get from one place to another.

Help networks
Groups of people who offer free help, both consultations or manual labor.

Groups of people get together one day to go all out to help someone in the group.

Repair coffees
Meetings to help repair appliances.

Free educational platforms
Find free courses to learn any skill or profession.

Mutual Aid Networks
Groups and People Who Create RCGs.

Universal Basic Access
Political proposal for a city council or government to stop being corrupt and look for ways to make money and instead make investments in the municipal or territorial area to, in a very economical way, provide housing, food, health care, education and energy, Internet, clothing, transportation to all people for free, without administrative complications.