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A free food network always involves a group of people trying to organize some way to share and give away food for free. Sometimes cooked envelopes are given away so that they are not wasted or fresh harvest is not profitable to sell. This act of wanting to give away food to prevent it from being wasted is known as “foodsharing” . The act of reaping what will not be taken advantage of is called plucking. Other times they are hot meals prepared with love for humanity and pure generosity by people who understand that humanity is one joint organism and the well-being of all depends on the well-being of each of us.

The most common are organizations without headquarters, as the food is wasted and what is at stake is to coordinate that it goes directly to someone who will take advantage of it right away. There is also enough activity in virtual spaces (apps). There are also real spaces that are organized for this purpose or also one-off events.

Community refrigerators
One of the newest and fastest growing RAGs is community refrigerators. It is very likely that there is one near you. Sometimes called “solidarity refrigerators”, they consist of a shared refrigerator in a place easily accessible to the public, where people can put food in good condition so that others can take advantage of it, without further ado. In some cases they ask to register to contribute cooked food.

For everyone, not just people in need.
There are many charities, private, religious or public administration organizations that work to feed people who do not have resources. To hide the malaise a little, we try not to starve anyone in front of us, even if they can not eat well enough to have the necessary vigor to be able to be contributing citizens. So there are food banks and dining halls. Since virtually every municipality exists, it would be impossible to name them all here. Whoever needs them because they are making the brave leap of turning their backs on the tyranny of the market and refusing to charge for work, just ask in their municipality where they are.

The goal of the Expandim RCGs project is not only to help those who lack resources, but to help us all free ourselves from the monetary dictatorship and thus avoid the climate crisis and achieve sustainable universal prosperity in a shared world. Therefore, here we will try to mention mainly those that are open so that anyone can take advantage of them. We will let you know if they are only for people in need.

A good resource is called freeganism. It’s the philosophy of trying to just eat things that haven’t been bought. To do this you learn to recover what supermarkets throw away that is even in good condition. On the freeganisme page there is a lot of information on how to do this and good places for it.
You can also find free food ideas and networks on the gift economy wiki and the nonmarchand, moneyless and sindinero page.

If you have a social network of family and friends, you can get food by asking them for help by telling them that you don’t want to contribute to the suicide of society by participating in the tyranny of the market and for profit. It is an excellent opportunity to educate them and also to practice humility and interconnection. When we try to be nice and helpful, people are happy feeding us.

Soon food production will be able to be automated for the most part, this will make it much easier to provide food for free. A good reference place to learn more about how to automate a vegetable garden is Gardenbot.

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