For movements to be successful their goal must be made and kept clear to everyone. If we want the Commons to grow, that is if we want more people putting effort into producing, creating and managing shared resources that everyone can benefit from, we need to symbolize support for that goal so that it can be easily visualized and easily made visible. We need a simple yet effective way for everyone to communicate this goal.

A sign of support for the Commons

The sign language C has not been popularized for another meaning and is clear and easy to do. It is a perfect symbol anyone can do to show they support investing (time, effort, money or resources) in the Commons.

It can be done with either hand and with all fingers or only the index and thumb.

Popularizing support for the Commons

In order for the population to learn this new symbol we need to show it to everyone. It is up to all of us to help in this task. We may think we have no influence as an individual but in reality every single one of us has tremendous influence, if we choose to. More often it is fear of standing out that inhibits us from having influence more than our actual capacity to reach the minds of others. Therefore there are multiple ways we all can help out in popularizing this symbol. Different people will find it preferable to help in one way or another. Some will build the courage to do do all. Yes, it takes courage to improve society.

1. Take photos of ourselves doing the C and uploading them on social media with the hashtag #investinthecommons . You can also send photos to prosocialize[at] to have them uploaded here. See photos below

2. Take photos of others doing the C and uploading them on social media with the hashtag #investinthecommons .
Tell friends, acquaintances or strangers about the project and ask them if they want to support it by letting you take a picture of them and posting it. They are probably uploading pictures of themselves all the time so it really is nothing unusual. This also helps a lot to spread awareness of the goal simply because you are explaining it to people. It is great party fun!

3. Contact groups of people to tell them about the project and ask them if they wish to participate. Everyone benefits from a greater Commons so everyone will be interested if they understand it. Post about the project in chat groups or even better, speak about it to a leader of a group and ask them to help promote it.

4. Contact celebrities and ask them to participate. Don’t be shy, all we are asking for is for them to post a photo of themselves. If we don’t succeed in getting humanity to work together as a global family and provide for each other, we all will die (and/or ecocide), so it is worth at least a try.

You can use this text to rally support:
” Friends, check out this great initiative to raise awareness about our shared goal of making the Commons grow! All we have to do is upload pictures of people doing a C and/or tell others about the project! Very, VERY easy and fun. “

Use this image to rally support