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Free Small Libraries
There is a new phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire. In any corner, both in the city and in the rural villages you can find small houses outside or shelves in a corner of a building with free books and DVDs. Anyone is free to grab one, or add one.

Uncle Henry’s

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Virtual space

Originally a booklet where to put second-hand deals in the state of Maine, it has expanded to be a web page with geolocation for any U.S. zip code. It has a section to offer free items.

Boothbay Harbor

Free Clothing Closet

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Real space

A hut behind the church where anyone can go to pick up clothes or shoes. It has a box for the contributions of pieces or shoes. Once a week a church volunteer organizes the pieces and the hut.

Set For Success

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At the beginning of the school year, children are invited to pick up school supplies and their hair is cut if they wish. Organized by volunteers in which various entities of the town collaborate.


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They work like a bench of firewood. If you need firewood to heat your house, you can call them to bring it to you.

New York

The Free Store
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Real space