A political proposal
When a city council or government stops being corrupt and looking for ways to make money, it realizes that making people’s lives easier is its main function. Then you will see that this is done by facilitating access to the basic needs of life. Investments are made in the municipal or territorial area to, in a very economical way, provide accommodation, food, health care, education and energy, Internet, clothes, transport to all for free, without administrative complications. This frees people to have a dignified and free life so that they can dedicate themselves to improving themselves, pursuing their dreams and looking for how they can help others without having to submit to a dictatorship, “a job”, all the day.
It is called Universal Basic Access or Universal Basic Services



Unconditional Universal Basic Income
Even if it did not free us from the tyranny of the market, it would free us from the need to make a living, which would be a serious step forward.