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Colin Turner of the has released! A new and improved version of FreeWorlder, is a global Free Collaboration Network that is mobil friendly and designed to easily share and gift with our neighbors or with anybody anywhere.

Free Collaboration Networks have seen a huge boost during the lockdowns, citizens through out the world organized instantly new networks in order to provide for those in need in their neighborhoods when public administration failed to. People have seen the power of working together as a team and want to build a world based on such behavior. We are showing them how: Prosocializing. Promoting a shared world, building a shared world with FCNs and teaching others to prosocialize.

If you wish to see more updates of all of this I highly recommend finding us in the TZM server by clicking on the up right button “connect with others”

The directory of FCNs in “Expand FCNs” in english needs updating but we are working on starting a wiki instead. Until then you can click on the Spanish version of the site for an updated directory. It is very much worth it.

Excuse us for not having the email registry working yet. We may opt for simply opening a Telegram channel instead. Progress is steady. Together we are building a shared world of universal sustainable prosperity by promoting it every day. Keep up the good work.

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