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Objective: Make the DIY Transition Plan go viral.

People need role models. They need to see examples of people in people’s lives.

Coretta Scott King

One of the main reasons why we aren’t more proactive is that we often feel alone on our mission. Since “we are the music makers…the movers and the shakers” we stand out and feel like weirdos and this can make us insecure and hold us back from doing what we really want to do and know we should do. We can become even more insecure because of the social pressure and even active oppression of change. That’s why it’s so important to “toot our own horn” so to speak and tell others about our outreach work so that the other visionary “dreamers of the dreams” see they are not alone. Knowing that there are others like us empowers us to step up and do what we know is right.

According to the book Management of Power by R J Swingle, it only takes 3% of a population to organize an effective civil disobedience campaign. Studies show that once 10% of a population consistently proselytize a view, that view can quickly become shared by the majority.

To show others that they are not the only ones that are proactive, to give example of what to do and how to do it, to inspire people to take action too and introduce them to the DIY Transition Plan, we write short reports about our activity on our personal social media page, on other people’s social medias page and in groups with the hashtags #ExpandFCN or #SowGiftSociety along with #DIYTP. If you are involved in other movements you can do the same with a similar hashtag like #SowTZM, #SowTVP or #SowTROM, etc. What matters is giving people an example of raising awareness, gifting and expanding FCNs to make it trendy and something to be proud of.


“This week I mail-dropped a 100 Money Free Party flyers while jogging. #SowGiftSociety #DIYTP”

“Today I recommended a Charles Eisenstein podcast to a friend. #SowGiftSociety #DIYTP”

“This weekend I did the sign language C in group fotos to promote the Collective Common Heritage. #SowGiftSociety #DIYTP”

“Yesterday I introduced my neighbors to a resource bank app. #ExpandFCN #DIYTP”

“Today I gifted a sleeping bag to the local gift space. #ExpandFCN #DIYTP”

“Last week I picked up a hitchhiker. #ExpandFCN #DIYTP”

Let’s make raising awareness trendy!

According to scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute a minority opinion will quickly become believed by the majority once 10% of the population “consistently proselytize” the idea. According to polls, we have enough percentage of the population that share the Star Trek economy train of thought, so all we have to do now is “proselytize” it.

In 7 years we can easily reach every single human being on the planet.

Growth calculation of the DIYTP with an initial group of 50 people and a 0.1% growth rate.

Starting with 50 people implementing the DIYTP today and spending just 30 minutes a week raising awareness distributing Gift Society flyers that cost them 2,50$ (2,5c a flyer), if just 1 out of 1000 flyers inspires someone to start doing the same, at the end of the 7th year more than 16 Billion people will have been introduced to the Gift Society. Following the same course, in just 11 years the whole world will be calling for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Spread news of progress

Another reason why we aren’t as proactive is that we often feel powerless. We sometimes feel like our actions are not giving results and so we question ourselves why we are making the effort? Lowering moral is a key strategy in PSYOP (psychological operations) to control populations, so clearly we must do the opposite. In order for us raise morale and show that our work produces results, we report progress of growth of FCNs and of the spreading of RBE ideas. To show that this is conscious we add #GSawakening or #FCNexpand.


Charles Eisenstein was interviewed by Oprah! #GSawakening”

“The Guardian published an article about Universal Basic Services! #GSawakening”

A free supermarket was opened in Australia! #FCNexpand”

“My town hall has started a resource bank! #FCNexpand”