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Tell the whole world about the Gift Society and why we need it.

Seeds of freedom, small seed, big tree, last chance to save humanity.

The biggest issue is education.

Peter Joseph

Raising awareness is how we change the world. The first step to getting somewhere is knowing were we want to go. Once people know things can be better and how, only then can they start to make things better. Therefore,

our primary objective is to expose the whole world to the facts, people and content that call for a Free World.

We must get everybody to be familiar with the names and logos of the projects, organizations, movements and authors that are teaching and creating the post-scarcity economy.
We need to present everyone we know (and don’t know) to the content, films, books, clips, images that educate about an open source and Open Access Society.
This site provides examples, material and support to do this.

What we are seeing is how very important it is to bring about in the human mind a radical revolution.


In the business world this is called advertising. To most of us advertising has a negative connotation because it usually is aimed at belittling and deceiving us to take our money from us. Large multinational corporations spend a third of their budget on advertising. That is how important it is. Extrapolating from that, if we are working to create a better world we should be spending at least a third of our time on advertising our projects. It’s very boring work and requires courage, so we tend to leave it out unless our lively hood depends on it. Well, our lives do depend on it, even though we aren’t feeling the pressure just yet.

…when you leave here if you don’t talk to other people about it, nothing will happen.

Jacque Fresco

We often feel shy about pushing good ideas on people because the knee jerk reaction many people have is that we too are trying to take their money or freedom from them. But WE are doing the exact opposite, working to provide them free abundance, to end pointless death and suffering of children, to end war and poverty, to avoid climate disaster, to stop the 6th mass extinction on the planet, to empower everybody, to improve equality and working to free people from wage slave drudgery. We have all the right reasons to be persistent and pushy, no matter what other people might say.

Banksy on the corporate monopoly of advertising

So instead of calling it “advertising” we call it “sowing seeds”. Instead of calling it “spamming” we call it “speed sowing”. Instead of calling it “chain mail” we call it “chain seeds”. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by the psychological operation to keep us quiet and still, our words are tremendously powerful.

An idea is like a time bomb, spreading it’s the fuse. They know this all too well, they try to keep you from the tools.

Ryan Harvey

By comparing with the price of corporate advertising we can know the monetary value of the seed sowing that all of us can do at almost no cost. Your voice is much more valuable than you realize. Just recommending the Gift Society or a video about it to somebody in person is worth about 50$. Uploading a short video on your social media page can be worth 50$ too. Mail dropping flyers can easily be worth 50 cents each. This means that by simply providing a couple hours of labor to raise awareness you are contributing thousands of dollars worth of advertising!

Of course agents of the establishment will try to oppress us from raising awareness because it’s too valuable and too much of a threat to them for it to be allowed to be free. They will come up with all sorts of excuses and laws to stop us. I can’t recommend doing anything illegal but remember that freedom implies disobedience.

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Phineas T. Barnum

Because it takes courage and work to sow seeds often people come up with excuses to not do it. They will say things like: “it doesn’t work” or “it turns people off” or “people get the wrong idea” about specific material or tactics and this can discourage us to use them to raise awarness. Undercover agents will also try to discourage us with such reasons.

In fact as long as we aren’t destructive, aggressive or associated with violence, all exposure is beneficial.