What kind of world do we want?

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This is kind of easy to answer don’t you think?

We all want good living, access to all the best food, services, healthcare, and tools without having to do work against our will.

We want to have time to spend with the people we care about and partake in activities we enjoy.

Of course, we also want to be free. We want to be able to do what we want, say what we think, be as we are, live how we choose where we choose. We want to be able to work on projects we are interested in and learn about what we are curious about. We want privacy too, in order to be able to explore and experiment who we are we can’t be subjected to other people’s scrutiny.

Last but not least, we want safety and sustainability, we don’t want to worry much about losing any of the things mentioned above or running out of health.

All of these things can be accomplished with technology. Therefore what is holding us back is our social system. Our economy today promotes and rewards competition among us. Competition is precisely what most threatens all of our wishes. Every single one of our desires mentioned above is in jeopardy because in a dog-eat-dog world people might take them from us.

The need to be competitive is what puts money above people and pushing us to race each other in plundering the planet for profit.

The need to be cost effective is what keeps us from giving food to the starving.

The need to earn a living is what keeps us from restoring the planet and caring for each other as people.

That is why we must realize the 6 facts mentioned in causes and move on from our absurd, childlike, narrow minded attitude to start to act like one big family.

The Free World Charter does a great job in describing the fundamentals of the society we wish to live in.

The society that solves these complications is the Gift Society.

To get a get a better idea of what we are working at please watch Zeitgeist Moving Forward.

One of the most viewed documentaries of all time.