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The site has already reached more than 12,000 visits! The site is being well received by general public, business men/women and government administrators alike on multiple continents.

We now have a subscription form at the bottom of the page.

The “downloadable seeds” link has been fixed and so has the “Open Access Economy” link.

We have been offered free translation to Portuguese and are working on that.

So many things are planned to be added and worked on ASAP.

Keep Catalyzing the Paradigm Shift heroes. We will make it!
Happy Gift Society!


    Lynnette Allen

    I’m all for this. I’m just launching a channel on YouTube–Humans For Gaia. Working on it now and my target date is July 15. Most of my contributions are on my FB page and groups now.
    Thanks for doing this. Maybe I can be of help with my articles and posts–i.e. public relations.

    Lynnette Allen


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