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This is a simple guide to foster a trade-free sustainable Christmas while promoting a shared world.

  1. Disseminate the idea.
    Download the pamphlet
    Share it to friends and groups on social media. You can also print it out to give to people, mail drop it, leave it where people can take one, pin or tape it to walls.
  2. Prepare to set up a free stand in public before and/or during the holidays.
    Find a place you can set up a table for the free stand. On this table is where you will place all the free items to gift to anyone who wants them. The items can be yours or you can ask others to donate items as well. Make sure they are clean and good. If you want you can let people only take one item each. If the stand will not be somewhere with many passerbys, make sure to let your town know when and where you will set it up. Prepare signage for people to be able to easily see what the stand is about.
  3. Promote a shared world.
    Use the stand as an opportunity to educate people about the problems of the monetary-market dictatorship, how now, thanks to automation and contraception, there is plenty for everyone, and how by sharing the world freely we will end war and poverty and most of today’s problems. Prepare material to hand out to those who take gifts so that they can look up these ideas, concepts, organizations, projects and movements when they get home.
  4. Snowball the sustainable Christmas.
    Share your experience with others doing the same in the #activity-reports thread in the TZM discord server
    Or simply on your social media with the hashtag #TZMSustainableChristmas