What’s the Gift Society?

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Gift Society is a term that aims to refer to what Jacque Fresco described in his book The Best That Money Can’t Buy, what Peter Joseph calls for in his book The New Human Rights Movement and what many other authors have also described. This site will do its best to connect you with all such content and people.

Peter Joseph describes a Resource Based Economy

We are thousands of groups and millions of people consciously working towards the post-scarcity world. Although some groups prefer to distinguish themselves from the rest with claims of difference, such differences can easily be attributed to variability of semantics and the inherent imprecision of language.

The Gift Society is the society that is based on the Resource Based Economy (RBE).

The Gift Society is based on the RBE as well as the Natural Law Resource Based Economy (NLRBE), The Open Economy and Open Access Economy, the Gift Economy, the Star Trek economy, the abundance economy, the post-scarcity economy, the 0 Marginal Cost Economy and mutual aid. It is meant to encompass many other terms used by other authors and organizations such as the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, the Free World, the moneyless society, and paradise. It will be built by investing in and enlarging the Collaborative Commons, eventually declaring all resources of the earth to be Common Heritage of all the world’s people. Throughout this website, I will use all these different terms to refer to the same thing.

We are thousands of organizations working towards the Gift Society

Although we may not share the same strategies, millions of people and thousands of organizations and movements are working towards the Gift Society, such as The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, the Ubuntu liberation movement, the Money Free Party, Open Source Ecology, United Earth, Anonymous, and many more, including new ones all the time.
Peter Joseph has rightfully named this global movement The New Human Rights Movement.

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