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TZM Sustainable Christmas

Check out the project to take back Christmas from the commerce and consumption!

New Free Collaboration Network wiki!

Sorry for the slow updates. I like to wait for something worth sharing with all, like this:

That is a wiki of Free Collaboration Networks for everyone to explore and find some near them to start accessing, providing and producing free products and services! Please, we also count on you all to add new ones to it. There really are so many out there that no one persona can collect all their info and links.

On another note, we were interviews on local television in Catalonia!

Here is the article:

Keep raising awareness about this site, free collaboration networks and prosocializing and we will see the shared world of abundance soon enough!

Enjoy a shared world! is here!

Colin Turner of the has released! A new and improved version of FreeWorlder, is a global Free Collaboration Network that is mobil friendly and designed to easily share and gift with our neighbors or with anybody anywhere.

Free Collaboration Networks have seen a huge boost during the lockdowns, citizens through out the world organized instantly new networks in order to provide for those in need in their neighborhoods when public administration failed to. People have seen the power of working together as a team and want to build a world based on such behavior. We are showing them how: Prosocializing. Promoting a shared world, building a shared world with FCNs and teaching others to prosocialize.

If you wish to see more updates of all of this I highly recommend finding us in the TZM server by clicking on the up right button “connect with others”

The directory of FCNs in “Expand FCNs” in english needs updating but we are working on starting a wiki instead. Until then you can click on the Spanish version of the site for an updated directory. It is very much worth it.

Excuse us for not having the email registry working yet. We may opt for simply opening a Telegram channel instead. Progress is steady. Together we are building a shared world of universal sustainable prosperity by promoting it every day. Keep up the good work.

The Shift to the Commons is happening!

Free Collaboration Networks keep expanding at an accelerating rate. More and more people understand that raising awareness is how we change the world and the site will surpass 40k visits in the coming weeks!

The next project is to prepare social transformation projects for public administration to improve the quality of life all people by fostering generosity and sharing with the DIY Transition Plan, which will also be called “prosocializing” or “goodifying”. The idea is to harness public service announcements to remind citizens of our collaborative nature, how it benefits us, how to amplify it with Free Collaboration Networks and how to teach others to do those things. Yes, they ring a bell because those are Project 1, 2 and 3 of the DIY Transition Plan, in a more popular language.

Free Collaboration Networks are going viral!

Yes! The Shift to the Commons is happening. Everybody is using different terminology to describe trade-free mutual aid networks but they are becoming popular in every town in city. New networks are being started everywhere, whether by regular people creating a phone chat group, or high tech companies creating a pretty app. The Great Transition is happening and you are a part of it! Every time we tell someone that there now is plenty for all, that generosity is what makes the world go round, or mention a FCN to them we are one step closer to world peace and prosperity!
This site itself has surpassed 30.000 visits already.
It’s really this easy, all we have to do is keep fostering prosocial behavior. If you don’t know how, you can copy past this following message.

Hello fellow human being! Please share this message. Raising awareness is how we change the world! If you want to learn how to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible as an individual, we have a simple effective formula to do so. Simply by spending as much time as watering your plants, in 2 years you will see your town/city start shifting into a prosperous and generous society. It may seem simple or obvious but it really does work, just like meditation and exercise seem simple or plain but really do work. It’s called the DIY Transition Plan.  1. Project Sow Gift Society: Promote generosity and sharing.  2. Project Expand Free Collaboration Networks (FCN): Facilitate generosity and sharing by expanding FCNs.  3. Project Snowball the DIY Transition Plan: Inspire others to do the same by telling the world how you are working on projects 1 and 2.  For more information and examples on how to get started, to find a quickly growing list of FCNs, or to connect with the global movement visit     You can start by forwarding this message to 3 of your friends! The Great Transition to a sustainable world of peace and prosperity for all starts NOW!

Website updates

The site has already reached more than 12,000 visits! The site is being well received by general public, business men/women and government administrators alike on multiple continents.

We now have a subscription form at the bottom of the page.

The “downloadable seeds” link has been fixed and so has the “Open Access Economy” link.

We have been offered free translation to Portuguese and are working on that.

So many things are planned to be added and worked on ASAP.

Keep Catalyzing the Paradigm Shift heroes. We will make it!
Happy Gift Society!

Welcome Paradigm Shift Catalyzer!

We are right in the middle of the Great Transition although it can be hard to notice that because since we are living it we are kind of like in the eye of the storm. The whole world is counting on you to play your part in saving humanity and this website is designed to help you do that. It has only just been born and will become much bigger than what it is now, little by little. So keep coming back and checking for new stuff. We plan to have places for people to participate in adding content and sharing their experiences.

For now the best place to get in contact with the New Human Rights Movement community is in discord.
This is the TZM server. It is quite active and a good place to find other proactivists.

This is the Gift Society server which has a lot of links to content and related projects and groups.

Enjoy and Happy Gift Society!